How often does poor weather cause car accidents?

Published By | Aug 11, 2017 | Personal Injury & Wrongful Death |

Many people recognize the risks that come with driving while intoxicated, going over the speed limit, falling asleep behind the wheel, and failing to pay attention to the road. However, there are other potential hazards, such as poor weather conditions, which can contribute to an accident. From snow and ice to wind, fog, and rain, it is vital for drivers to be vigilant at all times, especially when the weather deteriorates.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, roughly 22 percent of the more than 5.7 million motor vehicle accidents that take place each year, on average, happened because of poor weather conditions. There are many different ways that inclement weather can cause an accident. Aside from drivers losing control due to slippery roads that are covered in ice, an accident may happen because strong winds blew debris on the road, causing a driver to veer into another lane. Or, an accident may occur when it is foggy because a driver cannot see the road very well.

Many people understand the risks associated with winter weather, such as ice and snow. However, most of the traffic accidents caused by weather actually take place on roads that are wet and while it is raining. To make matters worse, some of these crashes happen because a driver failed to pay attention to the road or drive safely during inclement weather, in which case they must be held answerable. Whether an accident is caused by poor weather, a negligent driver, or any other cause, the consequences can be devastating for victims.