Auto crashes and fall weather hazards

Published By | Sep 15, 2017 | Personal Injury & Wrongful Death |

Motor vehicle collisions can happen at any time of year and for a variety of reasons. From drowsy or distracted driving to operating a motor vehicle while under the influence, people find themselves seriously hurt or even killed in traffic crashes that were entirely preventable. With fall weather approaching, it is important to point out some of the weather hazards that may also lead to a crash in Westminster and across all of Colorado. People often recognize the serious risks associated with ice and snow, but some may not be aware of just how hazardous rain, strong winds, and fog can be.

There are various ways in which fall weather can cause a crash, even if temperatures are well above freezing. In fact, rain plays a role in many of the weather-related motor vehicle collisions that occur. Not only can it lead to slick roads, but it can also affect visibility. Fog is another weather-related threat that can prevent drivers from being able to see the road well. It is also important to point out that wind can blow debris into the road or knock down tree limbs, which can cause a driver to swerve into oncoming traffic or off of the road.

Sadly, some fall accidents that involve weather were avoidable and took place because of a driver’s carelessness. When auto accident victims suffer due to the recklessness of others, they deserve a voice. On our personal injury and wrongful death page, you can go over more material on traffic accidents.