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Being mindful of less common distractions

Drivers have to pay attention to many things while on the road, from the speed limit to signs and reckless behavior of other drivers. However, it is also crucial to watch out for any distractions that could make a crash more likely. Our law firm knows that cell phones are a common cause of distracted driving, but there are many other different distractions that can interfere with someone’s ability to operate their vehicle safely. In order to reduce the chances of a crash, it is pivotal for you to watch out for these risks.

For some people, certain insects can generate anxiety, such as spiders and bees. When a driver notices that a spider is on his or lap, crawling along their leg, or dangling nearby, it can divert their focus from the road. Sadly, drivers who become distracted have caused fatal accidents and crashes that leave victims with a variety of hardships, which may follow them through life (such as a permanent disability). If you were hit by a driver that was distracted during the time of the accident, it is essential to carefully go over the details of what took place and review your options. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the collision, you may even want to think about heading to the courtroom.

We know how physically, mentally, and financially painful these collisions can be, which is why our law firm stresses the importance of accident prevention. Sadly, more crashes will happen in the years ahead. In our personal injury section, you will find more on traffic crashes.


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