Downed power lines and auto accidents

Downed power lines and auto accidents

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During the winter months, strong storms can bring down power lines, which presents a number of risks. Aside from the risk of electrical shock, this hazard can also increase the chances of a motor vehicle accident. If you need to drive during strong winds or blizzard conditions, it is important for you to be mindful of the different risks that may be present on the road.

When a fallen power line is on the road, a driver may swerve out of their lane as they try to dodge the downed line. Unfortunately, this could cause them to collide with another vehicle or find themselves in a single-car crash. Moreover, drivers may become distracted or veer into oncoming traffic when lines are hanging low or a tree branch has fallen onto the road.

Often, drivers may not be able to tell that a power line has fallen onto the road until they are very close. When traveling at high speeds and with something so thin, it can be hard to notice the threat until it is only feet away. In some instances, drivers might make an abrupt turn to avoid the line, without realizing that there are vehicles heading towards them in other lanes.

If you were hit by a driver during inclement weather, or are suffering from injuries you sustained in a wreck that occurred under these circumstances, it is important to take a careful look at any resources that may help. Visiting the personal injuries page on our blog will provide you with more motor vehicle accident information.