How many deadly crashes involve large trucks?

Published By | Dec 23, 2017 | Personal Injury & Wrongful Death |

Motor vehicle collisions happen in all sorts of ways and the details vary from one accident to the next. Sometimes, a drunk driver causes a crash, but many other factors can lead to a wreck, such as fatigue and ice on the roads. Unfortunately, many happen to involve a large truck or a bus and these collisions are especially devastating in many cases. It can take large truck drivers much longer to slow down, which can greatly increase the odds of someone passing away or suffering an injury. Moreover, we know that many people in Westminster and other parts of Colorado have been killed or injured because of the massive size of these trucks.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that 4,311 large trucks were involved in a fatal accident during 2015. In comparison to 2014, this amounts to an eight percent increase, which shows that even as safety awareness campaigns and other attempts to prevent accidents have been put in place, deadly truck accidents remain a serious problem. On roads all across the state of Colorado, drivers should stay vigilant and understand some of the factors that can increase the likelihood of an accident, such as truck driver fatigue and the no-zones or blind spots of large trucks.

No amount of discussion can make up for the innocent lives that are lost in these wrecks. If a reckless truck driver or the negligence of a truck company cause a fatal collision, those who are responsible for the suffering should be held liable.