How to divorce a narcissist

How to divorce a narcissist

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The person you married may seem like a distant memory to the person who now shares your home. You may now feel that the time has come to divorce.

If your soon-to-be ex-spouse has a narcissistic personality, you may have faced mistreatment throughout your marriage without immediately recognizing it. Individuals with these personalities can easily manipulate and make others feel worthless without obvious displays of violent or frightening behavior.

Prepare for drama

Because narcissists love attention and want everyone on their sides, the possibility exists that your spouse may attempt to cause considerable drama by playing the victim. He or she may try to sway friends into believing that you caused the problems in the relationship, and in some cases, this tactic may work. Though you may feel hurt and angry that your friends may choose to believe such untruths, you may want to remember that your spouse has likely put up these acts for years and may seem believable.

Even if you would like to jump in to defend yourself, avoiding such action may prove wise. Your insistent defense may only fuel the fire and allow your spouse to gain more of the attention he or she craves. Therefore, you could find it beneficial to remain focused on the legal proceedings ahead.

Know what you deserve

Over the years, the manipulation, emotional abuse and other mistreatment your spouse put you through may have diminished your feelings of self-worth. However, you should not let these feelings control your future decisions, especially when making choices during the divorce proceedings. Though your soon-to-be ex may have made it seem like you deserve nothing, remember that you have options for fighting for the settlement outcomes you desire.

Take action

It can understandably seem daunting to go against a person who has won over friends, made you feel small and seems as if he or she can get anything he or she wants. Luckily, you do not have to face this type of situation alone. Divorce can prove complex and distressing, and gaining the assistance of a divorce attorney could help you understand your options.