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ATVs and crashes on public roads

When many people think of ATVs, they picture an off-road environment. While it is true that these types of vehicles are most frequently used for such purposes, whether the driver is working on a farm, hunting, or exploring the wilderness, there are times when some ATV operators find themselves on the road. Unfortunately, those driving these types of vehicles are especially vulnerable with respect to motor vehicle collisions. When someone driving an ATV is struck by a larger vehicle, they may lose their life or sustain devastating injuries.

Although many people do not associate ATVs with public roads, there are many instances where such a vehicle may be found alongside or directly on a road. For example, someone who lives in a rural area may drive an ATV to make their way down a quiet back road. Or, someone might drive an ATV on the shoulder of a road in a suburban area because their vehicle broke down. Even when ATVs are used in off-road environments, the operator may need to cross a road at some point, which can lead to an accident, especially if they cross in an area with heavy traffic or a bend in the road.

Following an ATV accident on the road, it is essential for victims to analyze the details surrounding their situation. For example, if someone was hit by a driver who was under the influence or driving over the speed limit, this should not be overlooked. Our injuries section provides more material on the topic of traffic collisions.


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