Can nighttime glare cause an accident?

Published By | Apr 14, 2018 | Personal Injury & Wrongful Death |

There are a myriad of risk factors associated with traffic crashes, such as ice on the roads, speeding, and the use of a cell phone behind the wheel. However, other accident causes pose serious risks even though they are often not given as much attention. For example, nighttime glare may lead to a motor vehicle wreck. Whether you regularly drive at night or even occasionally take to the road during nighttime hours, it is pivotal to recognize some of the dangers associated with driving in the dark and focus on safety.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published a document on their site which covers the dangers associated with nighttime glare. The NHTSA points out that there are a number of ways in which nighttime glare can lead to a motor vehicle collision, which is why anyone who operates a vehicle during these times should be mindful of the risks they face. For example, a driver may be unable to see the road when the glare from another vehicle’s headlights interferes with their vision. Moreover, there are certain situations in which nighttime glare is especially problematic, such as on unlit two-lane roads. Not only can unlit two-lane streets be harder to drive on at night, but they often have bends and differences in elevation that can make glare especially concerning.

When a wreck is caused by glare or any other factor, victims may have their lives shattered. Because of the serious consequences associated with traffic crashes, all drivers should be cognizant of the hazards on the road.