Work-related traffic injuries

Published By | Apr 21, 2018 | Personal Injury & Wrongful Death, Work Accidents |

Accidents involving traffic occur in a plethora of ways, from drunk driving crashes on suburban roads to motorcycle collisions on the freeway. However, some people are also injured or lose their lives while driving or riding in a vehicle as part of their job responsibilities. Traffic accidents can take place while a person is working in many ways, whether someone is hurt driving a semi truck, operating a taxi, or even just running errands. Moreover, when a work-related traffic accident happens, those involved may sustain significant injuries, even if they are fortunate enough to survive the collision.

Work-related traffic injuries take many forms, from lacerations and head trauma to a broken neck, back, or leg. These injuries can create many problems for the victims and their loved ones, but they may also lead to challenges for the companies they work for. For example, work-related traffic injuries often force workers to miss work or, in some cases, permanently lose the ability to hold their former position due to a disability. Even in a somewhat minor traffic crash, an employee may sustain a sprain or another minor injury that could keep them away from work for a period of time as they try to recover.

For workers who have been hurt in a traffic injury that took place while they were on the job, it is vital to understand which options are available and make recovery a priority. If you head to our section on personal injury, you will be able to go over more material related to work-related traffic injuries.