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Financial problems and unpaid child support

In a post that was recently published on our blog, we discussed how those with unpaid child support may not be able to receive a passport in the U.S. However, there are many other angles to consider with respect to child support payments and various consequences that parents may face when they fail to meet these obligations. From a financial standpoint, child support can be overwhelming. Not only do parents struggle to stay current after losing a job or suffering a health crisis, but the financial impact of failing to make payments on time can be devastating and make life even harder.

A parent who does not pay child support may have their wages garnished and struggle with high levels of anxiety. Moreover, they may be taken into custody, which could affect their employment. Furthermore, a person who owes back child support may have his or her tax refund intercepted, which can lead to additional financial complications. Many parents who are experiencing financial hardship plan on using their tax refund to get caught up on various debts and obligations and the interception of a tax refund can make daily life significantly harder.

As a result, it is pivotal to make sure your child support is paid on time. If you are unable to meet these obligations, you should look into your options immediately, such as child support modification. Head over to our law office’s page on family law to view more related to unpaid child support and similar legal topics.


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