Modifying your spousal support order

Published By | Aug 11, 2018 | Spousal Support |

Divorce can bring a number of stressors into the lives of those who decide to split up, but these challenges can be mitigated by carefully going over the ins and outs of the situation and knowing which way forward is best. For example, someone who is facing hardships due to losing a job or a health problem may have a hard time paying their spousal support. However, they could be able to have their spousal support order modified, which would help them stay current and avoid penalties. If you are considering this route, it is essential to have a solid understanding of what to expect.

If you have experienced major financial changes in your life, you could be struggling with a variety of challenges each day. Worse, you could be unable to pay the spousal support you owe and you may be facing other financial issues related to family law (such as having trouble paying child support, for example). It is vital to know which options may be on the table for you and take advantage of any resources that you have. After all, if you stop paying spousal support your life may become even more complicated due to the various penalties associated with back spousal support.

We know how confusing this area of law can be, especially for someone who is in the middle of other difficulties in life. Head over to our section on family law if you are interested in viewing more related to spousal support modification and related issues.