Use technology to maintain your co-parenting game

Use technology to maintain your co-parenting game

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You and your spouse tried to make your marriage work. The decision to get a divorce wasn’t an easy conclusion to come to. However, you are both in agreement that your futures would be better spent apart. You know that you will have to make many decisions regarding finances, property and your children moving forward.

You and your spouse will have to co-parent and continue to work together. Your children are important to both of you and you want to be successful. Making a thorough plan that is tailored to your family is the first step. Figuring out how to execute that plan will be next.

Use technology to make co-parenting more seamless

You both already use technology in other aspects of your life. The two of you use emails, text messages and maybe even banking applications. Just as those help you with work, communication and money management, technology can help your co-parenting efforts.

Consider these applications:

  • Shared calendars: If you want to keep it simple, you and your spouse can use a shared calendar via Google calendars. This would be a space for you to communicate practices, school events, pick-up or drop-off times and more.
  • Wish lists: Birthdays and holidays are a time of family and cheer. You and your family can use sites such as Amazon, Boxed Up, Tall Wish and Newegg to create wish lists of gifts and supplies the children need. You and your spouse can coordinate through the use of these lists.
  • Locater applications: As parents, you worry about your children. When it comes to rules, discipline and keeping an eye on your kids, you should be united. Apps like Life360 and FindFriends allow you to monitor the location of your family members.
  • Co-parenting applications: There are cellphone applications designed specifically for co-parenting. 2houses and Our Family Wizard allow parents to share calendars, communicate, coordinate wish lists and even transfer funds.

You and already use technology for other important areas of your life. Talk to your spouse about utilizing some of these tools when you sit down to discuss your parenting plan and work through your divorce. Together, you and your spouse can continue to be successful parents.