Three items to keep in your car to prevent frosty windows

Three items to keep in your car to prevent frosty windows

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With October coming to a close, we are transitioning to some of the coldest parts of the year. Thanks to daylight savings on November 4, there will be less sunlight in the sky to melt away some of the incoming frost that will start showing up on your windshields.

For those unlucky not to have a roof over their vehicles as they sleep, it is time to stock your car with equipment to help you brush off snow or melt any ice that accumulates overnight. These are also helpful for those who have to endure 8-hour workdays during a cold and cloudy snowstorm. While Colorado does not have a law requiring drivers to take all the snow and ice off their vehicles, it is still important so the driver can see clearly during their daily commute and so snow doesn’t hit another driver and cause them to crash.

Ice scraper

Ice scrapers are arguably one of the most effective tools towards cleaning cars in the winter. While they come in various forms, the most common one features a large brush with a small scraper at the end of the handle. The brush takes all the snow off the top while the scraper helps you get most of the ice off while you heat your car up from the inside. It is small, cheap and accessible to any motorist to keep in their vehicles.

Windshield covers

Summer is not the only season where you need a windshield accessory. However, this one is meant to go on top of your car rather than inside it. These tarps can be held in place by your windshield wipers, ropes or small, heavy objects as they cover your windshield at night. While it is a fantastic way to minimize ice or snow from building on your car, it may not completely prevent some of your windshield from freezing up, so make sure to have a smaller object like an ice scraper to quickly get the rest of it off.

De-icing sprays

Several companies have made de-icing sprays to help speed up the process of getting all the ice of a windshield. The user just needs to combine it with some room temperature water (hot can cause the windshields to form cracks) to get the cool ice off within minutes. If you are feeling cheap, you might have something in your kitchen that can help. A popular method for many has been spraying a vinegar and water solution on the car the night before to minimize the amount of frost that accumulates on your windshield. While it does not get rid of it completely, it can give you less of a hard time scraping off the rest of the ice before you head to work.

Clean cars are difficult to maintain in the winter, but having the right tools on hand can make your driving preparations safer and quicker. Those that fail to get all the snow and ice off of their vehicles risk could be liable for a serious car accident as they might crash into someone they could not see or spill snow on someone else’s windshields. Victims of those negligent enough not to clean their hoods and windshields can contact a personal injury attorney to help them receive compensation for the other driver’s mistake.