Parking lot accidents increase exponentially in December

Parking lot accidents increase exponentially in December

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December is one of the worst driving months of the year. It has very little sunlight, frosty weather that make the roads slippery and holidays that send many travelers and drunk drivers to the streets together. However, it is not just the highways and county roads that increase in danger this month.

Studies by the National Safety Council show that there are roughly around 60,000 injuries and 500 deaths in parking lots and garages every year. A significant portion of those come from December, as parking lots are now more full than ever thanks to Christmas shoppers, travelers and holiday blockbusters. Before you take your trip down to the local mall, you should be cautious of the various hazardous drivers that may be in your way.

Road rage

Parking lots can bring out the worst in drivers. They are slow, monotonous and take a long time for drivers to find a spot only to face a ten-minute walk into the shopping center. Naturally, this can lead to several angry motorists that could endanger other drivers as well as pedestrians heading out and back to their car. If you recall, Colorado is one of the worst states when it comes to road rage. Just be aware that many parking lots will not have open areas closer to the doors. Remain calm and aim more towards the back unless you have a handicap sticker.

Snow-covered lines

Colorado’s winters are intense, and the snowplow may not be fast enough to clear the roads in public areas. This has led to many cars skidding and hitting each other or not seeing where to properly park as the white lines are camouflaged by the snow. If you have a passenger, have them step out of the car to assist you in aiming for the right area. You can try to gauge the space by using nearby cars and seeing where they are parked.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving can take multiple forms in a parking lot. Since vehicles are going slower, some drivers may feel more confident in taking out their cell phones as they reach their destination. One of the more common distractions are drivers not seeing who or what is in front of them because they are too busy looking for a spot. While cars do not go as fast in these areas, there are dozens of people walking, even more cars closely stuck together and plenty of room for error.

If you or a loved one receive injuries during your shopping trip, a personal injury attorney can offer legal guidance to help you receive coverage for this horrible holiday incident.