How to prepare for a divorce

How to prepare for a divorce

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The New Year is a popular time for divorce, and if you and your spouse make the decision to start the process in Colorado you can, and should, start preparing now. Between getting finances in order and preparing emotionally, the more you do ahead of time the easier this already difficult change can be.

According to the Huffington Post, there are a number of things you can do to get ready for a meeting with a divorce attorney. One is to gather information about income, assets and debts. Collect bank statements, paystubs and tax returns to help determine spousal alimony and child support payments. Make a list of property, jewelry, artwork, vehicles and investments to help make asset division easier. 

Make a list of questions about the divorce proceedings in general as well as specific issues regarding your situation. Consider how you and your spouse get along, your financial situation and the complexity of your impending divorce. These factors can help you determine whether mediation or a full trial is best.

This is also the time to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally. The ending of a relationship is never easy, so make sure you have a support system in place and plan some time for your healing.

If you have children, getting a divorce is especially challenging. Kids Health provides advice to make this time easier for the kids. When you tell the children you are splitting up, it is best to do it together. The most important message to get across is it is not the child’s fault. Discuss common concerns, such as who the children will live with and if they have to move, with your spouse ahead of time so you can answer questions to the best of your abilities. Bottom line is to stay positive and keep their needs as priorities throughout the entire process.