Motor vehicle accidents on construction sites

Published By | Jan 25, 2019 | Bus Accidents, Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Personal Injury & Wrongful Death, Truck Accidents |

Traffic accidents happen in many ways, from crashes on the freeway involving semis to head-on collisions at intersections. However, some accidents happen on private property or other circumstances that are less common. Moreover, they may be especially likely in certain situations, such as road construction zones and construction sites in general. There are different ways in which motor vehicle accidents can occur on construction sites and it is crucial to be aware of these risks if you are employed in the construction industry.

Aside from road construction, which involves many different accident risks on a daily basis, workers in various types of construction trades may face dangers related to motor vehicle accidents. For example, someone may be struck by a truck while working because the driver was backing up and did not see the worker. Or, a truck may be hauling equipment or material that is not secured properly and it may fall on someone while they walk by. Someone may even be struck by a co-worker who is trying to drive to work in the early morning hours.

When a crash takes place on a construction site, or in any other setting, it is essential for victims to know which legal options may be on the table. Construction workers may be able to move forward with a workers’ comp claim, for example, and filing a lawsuit may also be necessary due to someone else’s careless behavior. Sadly, these accidents have led to many serious injuries and even deaths over the years.