The real reasons for divorce

The real reasons for divorce

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Are you wondering if you’re going to get divorced? Maybe it feels like celebrity divorces show up in the news every day, and you imagine that same end is coming for your marriage. Maybe you are worried that a rough patch in your marriage may lead to something more permanent.

Typically, there are specific reasons for divorce. No one undertakes it lightly. In some cases (even in the circumstances below) couples can work out their issues. Sometimes, however, it is simply better for everyone if the marriage ends. Below are the four most common reasons for divorce.

1. Alcohol and drug addiction

Addiction is a huge problem currently plaguing families and marriages. Whether it is alcohol, opioids, marijuana or a behavioral addiction like gambling or sex, addiction is a disease that can be impossible or unsafe to live with. If a spouse is suffering from addiction and cannot make progress, it is often best for the non-suffering spouse to end the marriage.

2. Unfaithfulness

This is perhaps the least surprising entry on the list. In many cases where infidelity occurs and the other spouse finds out — or where both are unfaithful to the marriage — that is the end of the relationship. While you can find couples who manage to stay together, doing so is incredibly hard for most people.

3. Growing apart over time

No one remains the exact same over a lifetime. As couples grow older, sometimes they also grow apart. A focus on a career, or children, or simply finding other interests can lead to the marriage becoming de-prioritized. The good news is that these issues can be resolved, if both desire it. If ending it is the right way forward, it can be done amicably.

4. Money and stress

The last reason is actually perhaps the most common. Financial stress hurts a marriage like nothing else, save for perhaps infidelity. Financial stress may be worst when one person spends differently than the other — perhaps because of addictive behaviors like the ones noted above. Other issues include debt, job loss, medical conditions and more.

Your situation is unique

While the reasons above are common, they are also unique to your situation. No one can tell you whether divorce is right for you. In some cases, the above problems can be resolved. In others, the right way to move forward involves going your separate ways. The important thing is to know your options and goals prior to undertaking a significant step like divorce.