What are some deal breakers in marriage?

What are some deal breakers in marriage?

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When you fall in love with a person it’s natural to imagine a happy and peaceful life together. Unfortunately, the reality for many married couples is quite different. This is especially true when faced with certain deal-breaker issues, which might spell the end of your union. Live About explains some common marriage deal breakers and what they might mean for your relationship.

Financial issues are often at the heart of marital strife. Different ideas about spending and saving can throw a marriage into turmoil, especially when finances are mismanaged so badly that debt is an issue. In this case, if one person isn’t willing to make compromises, it can be extremely difficult to maintain a marriage. Money issues are largely matters of trust, and when trust is broken it can be difficult to restore.

Drug use and addiction is another serious matter. If one spouse is addicted to a substance, it can impact the lives of all those around him or her. Additionally, if the person is unwilling to get help, it’s likely to cause numerous issues within the relationship. Even something as seemingly minor as cigarette smoking can pose a serious issue if the other spouse finds it a distasteful habit. It’s best to have these discussions before marriage to determine whether you’re truly a good fit.

Sex can also be quite contentious. Sexual incompatibilities can lead to quite a few issues within a relationship. When spouses can’t find common ground on matters of sex, infidelity may also occur. When there are problems related to sex or intimacy within a marriage, couples are encouraged to visit a counselor to receive an unbiased opinion. A counselor can also help you understand whether the relationship is able to be salvaged, or if divorce is the best option.