Can you prevent divorce?

Can you prevent divorce?

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Couples in Colorado who are going through rough times may think the only option is divorce. Experts identify a number of signs that indicate a divorce may be down the road, but if couples recognize the signs and take certain steps, they can reverse the direction their relationship is going and hopefully prevent a split up.

According to Prevention, one sign of relationship trouble is that couples start to spend less time with each other and become less intimate. If one spouse is increasingly participating in activities without the other one, this can be an indication of infidelity or addiction issues. While arguing at times is common in a healthy relationship, it is a warning sign if a couple constantly fights about meaningless things. It is also a bad sign when communication starts to break down, or one spouse always controls the conversation.

According to Psych Central, there are specific divorce predictors that marriage therapists say indicate an impending divorce. These include:

  • Contempt – the worst of the predictors, this is attacking the other with the intent to psychologically abuse or insult
  • Defensiveness – examples include yes-butting, whining, playing the victim, cross-complaining and making excuses
  • Criticism – making the other partner wrong by attacking his/her personality or character
  • Stonewalling – walking out of the conversation or shutting down, which indicates disconnection, disapproval or smugness

Marriage experts say that couples who identify these signs should make attempts at repair during arguments. This may look like saying “I’m sorry” or using appropriate humor to lower the tension and see things from the other spouse’s perspective.