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Divorce and false allegations of domestic violence

The divorce process can be tough for many different reasons, from legal matters which involve kids (custody disputes, child support, etc.) to the potential career impact of ending a marriage. For some people, divorce can be an especially difficult process, especially when one’s former partner is very bitter and wants to shatter the life of their ex. For example, someone may falsely accuse their former spouse of domestic violence, and there are numerous reasons why this occurs. Sometimes, people want to gain an advantage in a custody dispute by falsely accusing their ex of this offense, while others may simply want to destroy their reputation and inflict suffering.

If you are working through the divorce process and your spouse has made similar threats or you are already facing these charges, you may be very worried about how this will play out and the different ways your life could be affected. From spending time behind bars to losing a custody dispute and suffering damage in your career, there are many potential ramifications you could face, and it is crucial to do all you can to prepare. We understand how stressful this situation can be, but there may be various strategies to consider and you should do all you can to prepare.

Even though these allegations carry a harsh stigma and can be very tough to deal with, you should maintain your focus and stand up for your rights. Even when domestic violence allegations are not present, ending a marriage can be tough and it is crucial to review your legal options.


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