Tips for divorce mediation

Tips for divorce mediation

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Couples who are going through a divorce in Colorado and want the process to go as smoothly as possible may want to consider mediation. This has a lot of advantages and is usually much less expensive than going through the litigation process. For mediation to work well, it is best to follow certain tips and advice from experts.

The first thing to do is decide if mediation is the right way to go. Family Education outlines some situations in which divorce mediation may not be the right choice. Because the process takes communication and negotiation from both sides, it is important that both want the divorce and are able to communicate. This is often challenging during a divorce, and the mediator helps the process, but at a minimum the couple should be able to talk with and to each other.

If one spouse tends to be controlling or has anger issues, mediation may not be the best path. Finally, in order for mediation to result in a fair outcome, it is important that both sides know what assets, debt and income they have, as the mediator is unable to force this disclosure like a judge can.

For couples who decide to go forward with mediation, Money Crashers offers some tips for the best experience and outcome. Not all mediators are the same, so the first step is to perform diligent research to find the best one. Once found, the mediator will outline a series of sessions and their topics. Each partner should come to the sessions with the necessary information to keep communication open and help the decision making go quickly. Once both parties agree on the terms, the mediator drafts the agreement. It is always a good idea for each side to have an attorney go over it and make sure it is fair before signing and filing it with the court.