These co-parenting conflicts could cause you trouble

These co-parenting conflicts could cause you trouble

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With your divorce in the past, you can turn your full attention to successful co-parenting. Doing so puts you in position to provide your children with the best life possible, despite the fact that you’re no longer married.

Although co-parenting sounds simple on the surface, you’ll soon find that it’s anything but that. Not only will your relationship with your children change, but you could also face a variety of conflicts along the way. Here are several that could cause you serious trouble.

  • Different parenting styles: While it’s okay to have different parenting styles, it’s imperative that you’re on the same page in regard to how you want to raise your children. For example, if you let your children stay up as late as you want, but your ex has a strict bedtime, it could result in an argument.
  • Your ex continually gets in the way: For instance, every time you’re spending time with your children your ex calls, texts or shows up unannounced. It’s okay if they check in every now and again, but it can be a problem if it happens too often.
  • Your ex puts your children in the middle: Just as divorce is rough on you, the same holds true for your children. If your ex continually puts them in the middle, such as by belittling you, it’s likely to result in a serious conflict. Don’t be shy about asking your ex to stop this behavior.
  • Parenting agreement violation: You create a parenting agreement during your divorce with the idea that it will keep you and your ex on track in the future. If your ex violates the agreement for any reason, it can put strain on your relationship with your children. A common example is if your ex neglects to drop your children off when they’re supposed to be visiting with you.

If you’re facing one or more of these co-parenting conflicts, talk to your ex about your concerns. This may be all you need to do in order to get back on track.

If your ex continues to fight back, review your parenting agreement and learn more about your legal rights in Colorado.