Can you resolve a child custody case in mediation?

Can you resolve a child custody case in mediation?

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There is nothing more important in your divorce than working through matters of child custody. The right agreement can make all the difference for you, your ex and the manner in which you raise your children.

Even if you and your imminent ex-spouse are at odds, you can still resolve your child custody concerns in mediation. Here are some of the many benefits of doing so:

  • Less stress and tension: Unlike traditional litigation, mediation is a non-adversarial approach, which reduces the stress and tension typically associated with the process.
  • More control: With litigation, the judge takes full control over your child custody case. However, with mediation, you maintain a high level of control, as it’s up to you and the other parent to negotiate and compromise.
  • Help of a mediator: A mediator doesn’t have the power to make legal decisions in the same manner as a judge, but this person can provide guidance as a neutral third party. Their goal is to move the process forward in a timely and efficient manner, without taking sides with either individual.
  • Faster results: The last thing you want is your child custody concerns to linger. Mediation is typically faster than litigation, as you don’t have to wait as long to get a court date. Furthermore, more control allows you to reach a resolution in a timely manner, thus positioning you to move past your divorce once and for all.
  • Set the table for a positive future: Your marriage may be in the past, but proper co-parenting is a must. Mediation improves the likelihood of you and your ex successfully communicating and cooperating in the future. And that’s what’s best for your children.

There is no guarantee that you will resolve your child custody case in mediation, but it’s the right place to start. With a laser-focused approach, as well as knowledge of what you want to accomplish, you’re in position to resolve your case in a timely manner.

In mediation, the key to success is keeping an open mind. You may not get everything you want, but understanding the process and your legal rights will position you to finalize an agreement that’s beneficial to all parties involved.