Red flags that indicate a marriage may end in divorce

Red flags that indicate a marriage may end in divorce

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The decision to get a divorce can be overwhelming for many Colorado couples. The process might be easier for many if there was one sure sign that divorce was the best option. Usually, there are many factors at play. Here are a few red flags indicating that a marriage could be heading for divorce.

When one or both of the spouses find themselves wanting to stay out of the home, perhaps staying late at the office or spending a lot of time at friend’s houses, in order to avoid their mate, this is not a good sign. If a person is filled with anxiety or dread when they hear the front door opening because their spouse has just arrived home, this could indicate problems in the marriage.

Respect is a big part of a strong and happy marriage. When there is a lack of respect, this can lead to trouble. A lack of respect could be shown by making big decisions without consulting each other or making decisions that one person knows the other will not agree with. A lack of respect could also be shown by name-calling, mocking and making fun of one’s mate.

Some couples say they will stay together despite an unhealthy relationship for their children. The truth of the matter is that if this is the only tie that keeps the couple together, divorce is still likely as soon as the kids grow up and move out.

Living separate lives despite being married can cause a person to have a lot of resentment and anger. An individual in this situation may feel like divorce is the only option. Before filing for divorce, a person may want to speak with a Denver divorce attorney. The family law attorney in Denver may be able to provide legal advice regarding family law, child support, custody and parenting time, and other matters related to ending a marriage.