How to parent from hundreds of miles away

How to parent from hundreds of miles away

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Colorado parents may spend days, weeks or months separated from their children. However, this doesn’t mean that a parent can’t have a quality relationship with a son or daughter. One way to stay in touch is to send letters or postcards on a regular basis. They should have supportive or funny messages that a child will look forward to reading. Those who have multiple children can address a single letter or postcard to everyone in the same house.

Parents may want to use email, text messages or other types of digital tools to stay in touch with their children. Depending on the child’s age, it may be possible for a parent to communicate directly with the child. In addition to text, an individual can send photos or videos that a child may like to see or watch. It is also a good idea to make regular phone calls to a son or daughter.

There should be a regular phone call at a determined time, and parents should make it a point to call at random times as well. Doing so may help show a child that their parent is always thinking about them. During visits with a child, a parent should aim to spend as much time alone with that child as possible.

It isn’t uncommon for parents to deal with issues related to custody and parenting time. Ideally, they will work together to resolve them, but this isn’t always possible for those who don’t communicate well. A Denver family law attorney may help a person resolve these and other problems in a way that is in a child’s best interest. If a problem can’t be resolved through mediation or arbitration, it may be possible to ask a family law judge to make a ruling.