Divorces are often more common in January

Divorces are often more common in January

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As the holidays end and the new year dawns in Colorado, more couples may mark the occasion by filing for divorce. January is one of the most common months of the year for people to end their marriages, for a number of reasons. Parents with young children may wait until after the holidays are over to file, while other people want to make a new start along with the change of the year. The word “divorce” is even searched more frequently on Google in January, and many divorce lawyers in Denver report higher business along with the turn of the year.

One 2016 study found that, on an annual basis, filings tend to shoot up in January, even when fewer people are filing for divorce overall. In 2017, there were 8% fewer divorce or annulment filings than there were in 2007. In addition, some states have a mandatory waiting period or documented separation before a divorce can be finalized. Many people may note the change of the year and want to get started on moving that period forward, especially if they want to finalize the dissolution quickly.

Parents already worry about how their divorce will affect their children, and this can be especially true during the holiday season. Even when both spouses have already made a decision that the marriage is over, they may not want to announce it to their children and family members before the season of holiday events.

Whatever the time of year, divorce is a serious change that carries emotional and financial consequences. A family law attorney in Denver may help a client obtain a fair settlement on a range of matters, including spousal support and property division.