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Colorado parents who are getting ready to negotiate custody and support after a divorce might want to hold on to their old calendars. These can help them to remember dates, times, events and other things that might be important during negotiations. After all, these seemingly small details are often overlooked during this stressful time.

An old calendar can become a valuable resource if it lists the dates and times for children’s extracurricular and sports activities, any overnight trips and hotel stays or needs related to health care. These notes can be useful in determining family lifestyle, cost of living and expenses, which can be taken into consideration when determining custody and child support.

Additionally, the information found in an old calendar can help determine custody and parenting time. It might be useful in determining which parent is the primary caretaker. The calendar could also help parents create a parenting plan that works for all involved, based on the different schedules of the members of the family. This includes any appointments, such as weekly therapy sessions.

Finally, an old calendar can be used to establish evidence to refute a claim from the other parent. This is vital as evidence is stronger if specific times and dates for certain events can be provided. It might also be important in determining if a parent strayed from the parenting plan and the child support needs to be adjusted accordingly.

For additional support, a parent could reach out to a family law attorney. Legal counsel may help the parent figure out what options are best for the family and provide representation during the process.


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