Why do people drive drunk?

Why do people drive drunk?

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Despite the dangers and potential trouble with the law, many people throughout the country make the mistake of drinking and driving. They assume that they’re “sober enough” to safely reach their destination, so they get behind the wheel and take to the road.

While drunk driving doesn’t always result in an accident, it definitely increases the risk of trouble. Here are some of the primary reasons why people continue to drive drink:

  • They don’t think it’s a big deal: In other words, they don’t know how drunk they really are. They assume that they only have a “buzz,” and that it’s not nearly enough to keep them from driving safely.
  • Peer pressure: This happens when you know you shouldn’t drink and drive, but you get caught up in the moment as a result of the people you’re with. For example, your co-workers pressure you into drinking after a long day at the office.
  • No other way to get home: This is more of an excuse than a reason, as there is always a safer option for getting home after a night of drinking. You could leave your car at the bar and call a friend to pick you up. You could call a cab or Uber. You could look into public transportation. Yes, all of these options will alter your plans, but it’s better than getting behind the wheel after you’ve consumed too much alcohol.
  • A short trip: Driving drunk is driving drunk, whether you’re traveling across the city or across the street. There is no rule saying that you won’t cause an accident since you only have a short ride ahead of you.

Once you realize how dangerous it is to drive drunk, you’ll eventually get into the habit of avoiding this at all costs. But even when this happens, you need to take extra caution when you’re on the road, especially during the evening and night time hours.

You could be 100 percent sober, but the person driving next to use is drunk beyond the point of comprehension. If this person causes an accident, you should seek treatment while police do their part in determining if the other individual should be put under arrest. You can then take steps to seek compensation from the drunk driver.