It’s Tax Season

Published By | Feb 24, 2020 | Family Law |

Tax season might come with some moans and groans, and it’s no wonder with a confusing tax code and so many documents to gather, especially as most of us aren’t accountants or CPAs. But tax season can mean REFUND time!

To be sure you’re taking advantage of any applicable credits or exemptions, work with your accountant, CPA, or a qualified tax expert; you can also find many tax filing resources, tools, or calculators to help you. Likewise, there are great online articles and resources for filing tips to help you throughout the year related to your paycheck withholdings, predicting your refund (how much and when you’ll get it), or estimating quarterly payments. The IRS even publishes “Frequently Asked Questions” on their webpage. For divorced and separated parents, a helpful FAQ section includes answers to “Earned Income Tax Credit” (EITC), “Head of Household” (HOH), and dependency claims. It is also helpful to remember to review your Separation Agreement or Parenting Plan for any directives related to filing, and then discuss these with your tax expert.