Researchers discover where accidents are most likely to occur

Researchers discover where accidents are most likely to occur

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There was a 6.8% increase in traffic accidents throughout the country between 2018 and 2019, many of which occurred in Illinois. According to a survey from Go Safe Labs, there were 22,188 crashes in Houston, which was the most in the country during 2019. Other cities where accidents were most likely to occur were Charlotte, Austin and Los Angeles. However, it is important to note that the accident rates in many of these cities actually declined during that year.

In Charlotte, the crash rate declined by 13.3% while it declined by 12.1% in Houston. The report by Go Safe Labs also took a look at specific locations where traffic accidents were most likely to happen. An Interstate 85 exit near Greenville, South Carolina saw 404 collisions take place in 2019, which made it the most likely specific location for a motor vehicle accident to occur in the United States.

There were three other such hotspots in the New York City area, and drivers were also most likely to get into accidents on roads near Miami and Minneapolis. The research team said that there were no particularly worrisome roads or highways in the cities that had the highest accident figures in the nation. Go Safe Labs said that the purpose of the study was to help drivers avoid potentially dangerous areas.

Individuals who are hurt in a serious car accident may experience pain or lack of mobility for months or years to come. This may make it difficult or impossible to work or have a reasonable quality of life. Those who are deemed negligent for causing an accident may be liable for damages an injured victim may incur.