Celebrating International Women’s Day – March 8

Published By | Mar 9, 2020 | Community, Events, Firm News |

Cheers to the women, men, and children who celebrate the liberalization of women every day. International Women’s Day started in 1913, and year after year global awareness has been raised to support the movement to eliminate discrimination and to equalize and liberalize women’s economic, political, educational, cultural and social rights.

For me, this is a Day of giving thanks to my mother, mother-in-law, daughter, girlfriends and colleagues for giving me a strong backbone, and empowering me to have a wild and kind heart. I love that I have the support of these ladies. Importantly, I’m also gifted with the advocacy, awareness and teachings from my husband and the COO of CCB. It takes all of us to make for powerful change. I see change every day because I look for it and strive to be part of it. For all of this, I am happy to celebrate International Women’s Day 2020, “Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change.”