Short marriage led to divorce? Your attorney can help

Short marriage led to divorce? Your attorney can help

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You and your spouse have only been married a short time, and you think that could mean that your divorce will be less complicated than a divorce would be for others. The reality is, though, that the complexity of your divorce comes down to what you did during that time.

Take, for example, a couple who has been married for two years. They bought a house, had a child and set aside money into retirement. They opened a business, too. Then, they decided to separate. Of course, thinking about that situation, it’s easy to see how it could be more complex than someone who gets married, doesn’t have kids and doesn’t mingle their finances.

Is it important to look carefully at your situation before discussing it with your attorney

Some people believe that it’s not necessary to work with an attorney when they have only a few issues to consider during their divorce, like the division of property or deciding how to split up a retirement account. The reality is that everyone can benefit from working with someone who has legal experience when they’re going through a divorce, especially when it comes to collecting the right documentation.

Why opt to work with a divorce attorney?

There are several important reasons to consider working with a divorce attorney in Denver. Some include:

  • Being able to understand which documents you need prior to filing for divorce, so you have time to collect financial documents and a list of assets.
  • Having someone on your side who has been through this kind of situation in the past and who understands how to make the best of the situation.
  • The fact that Colorado is not a community property state means that you can fight for a fair share of your marital property. If you believe you deserve a larger portion, your attorney can help you build a case to show why.
  • Your attorney will help you make sure that all documents and paperwork are filed on time, so that there is no question that you’ve met the requirements of the court.
  • Your situation could be more complex than you think, so having an attorney who is familiar with the law and situations like yours can help you understand the steps you need to take to protect yourself during the divorce.

No matter how long you’ve been married, it’s important to get the right help if you plan to divorce. You put time and effort into your marriage, and you should be treated fairly as you divorce.