DUI laws matter: Here’s how Colorado ranks

DUI laws matter: Here’s how Colorado ranks

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It’s always interesting to hear how your state ranks in laws for drivers. In this case, there is a lot of information about how Colorado ranks in terms of having the strictest DUI laws in the U.S. It may not be surprising to you, but the state does not have strict DUI laws compared to some other places.

Colorado ranks 42nd, placing it at the light end of penalties for those who commit DUI offenses. In Colorado, the statistics show that there are around 84 injuries from DUIs per 100,000 people. It takes four DUIs before someone will face a felony charge. Colorado still has a blood alcohol content threshold of .08%, like most places in the United States.

Which states are stricter than Colorado?

Since Colorado ranks low on the list, there are many states that are stricter. For example, Utah is much stricter than Colorado. In 2018, it lowered the legal blood-alcohol limit to just .05%. It’s the state with the second-strictest laws in the nation, beat only by Minnesota.

Which state has the weakest DUI laws?

Presently, South Dakota has the weakest laws. New Mexico, North Dakota, Wyoming and Maryland also ranked low in the bottom five.

Why do strict DUI laws matter?

Heavy penalties do dissuade people from participating in dangerous activities. High fines can threaten a person’s financial stability, and felony charges can impact their lives forever.

With DUI charges that have significant penalties, drivers are more likely to think about their actions before they get onto the road. Additionally, if someone does drink and drive, it’s easier to get them off the roads.

Whether you’ve lost a loved one in a DUI-related crash or have been involved in one yourself, you know how important it is that the driver is held responsible for the injuries and damage that they’ve caused. When they get away from the situation easily, it just means that there is a potential for them to reoffend. No one wants to see anyone go through the pain and suffering that a victim of a DUI collision goes through, which is why so many people advocate for strong DUI laws and penalties.

If you are a victim of a DUI-related crash, remember that you can take steps to hold that driver liable for the injuries and financial losses that have been caused. They should be held responsible and see the results of their actions.