Serious Accident Tied To DUI Arrest

Serious Accident Tied To DUI Arrest

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Car crashes happen for a variety of reasons, and some circumstances are beyond the control of those involved. However, if a driver does or fails to do something that causes a serious collision, punishment through the criminal justice system may not only be inevitable, but necessary. A recent car crash in Colorado resulted in that very action, as a man has been charged with driving under the influence and other offenses after authorities say that he caused a crash that left four people hospitalized.

Police report that the crash happened on a recent Friday evening on a local road. A vehicle allegedly hit another car when the first was heading east. It is not clear whether the second car was traveling in the same direction, though officials say that the first car ended up pushing the second into a guardrail.

Three people were trapped in the second car and had to be rescued by first responders. All three plus another passenger in the second car had to be taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and there is no word on the condition of the driver of the second car.

The driver of the first car was arrested and charged with DUI, vehicular assault, and careless driving. There is no word on how police made the determination that the driver was intoxicated, though sometimes police conduct field sobriety tests and/or administer a breathalyzer to measure the blood alcohol concentration of a suspect. It is unclear whether the accused individual is in police custody at this time.

Even if the driver ends up being acquitted of all charges, the victims may have other means of holding him or any other parties deemed responsible for the crash accountable for their actions. The victims can file a personal injury lawsuit to recover monetary damages. If you have been injured in a collision caused by a drunk driver, our attorneys will help you hold the other driver responsible and help you collect the damages you deserve.