Your City Could Affect Your Divorce And How Much It Costs

Your City Could Affect Your Divorce And How Much It Costs

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When people get married, the goal is generally to stay together. They hope that they will remain in a relationship for the rest of their lives. Even through tough times, many people do make that happen.

In some cases, the reality is that divorce is a better option than staying married. Whether it’s because you’ve grown apart or because you have different opinions about too many things, it’s important that you have the opportunity to separate gracefully and move on with your lives.

One interesting fact is that where you live could impact your likelihood of getting a divorce. There are some cities in the United States with a high number of divorces. The reasons for this could be anything from dealing with higher-stress jobs in the region to having more profound financial issues to deal with.

Take, for example, one city in Colorado that made a top-25 list: Clifton, Colorado. In Clifton, around 18.7% of the population is divorced. Another 1.9% is separated. The city has a married population of around 7,121 people and another 4,720 people who have never gotten married. Clifton ranks fifth among these cities where people are most likely to get divorced.

Living in a state where a city ranks high in the number of divorces doesn’t automatically mean you’re more likely to get divorced. It does mean that you should be aware of the factors that affect the marriages of people in that city. For example, if it’s hard to find work or if poverty is a concern, then those factors may be creating more challenges in comparison to couples who live in another city.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Divorce in Colorado?

Every situation is different, so there is no way to say exactly how much your divorce will cost. However, a study by 24/7 Tempo found that the average in Colorado was around $14,500. Of course, there are factors that influence the cost of a divorce, such as:

  • If the divorce is contested or uncontested
  • If you and your spouse can distribute property without the court’s intervention
  • How long the divorce takes
  • If children are involved

As someone living in Colorado and considering a divorce today, it’s important to note that it could be costly and time-consuming. If you can work through the problems in your marriage, that may be a good choice. If not, then you may want to think about starting your divorce soon with the assistance of an experienced Denver divorce lawyer.