Prepare for Feelings of Loss When Your Marriage Ends

Prepare for Feelings of Loss When Your Marriage Ends

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The decision to end a marriage is one that most people don’t take lightly, especially when there are kids involved. For an individual who has made the step to go through a divorce, changes are going to come. Some of these, such as having to set a new budget and deciding where to live, are commonly considered. There are others that people might not think about right away.

For many divorcees, the losses they experience when they walk away from the marriage is something they don’t expect. Dealing with these can be almost as difficult as trying to cope with the practical matters of the divorce.

The loss of financial stability

You are going to have to live only on your income after your divorce, which may prove to be a big change. You may have to cut back on the luxuries you purchase and some of the extra things that you spend money on. As time progresses, you should begin to feel more comfortable with your finances but remember to think about your new budget when you’re working on property division.

The loss of parenting time

You won’t have as much time with your children as you did before the divorce. This can be a challenge for parents who had a close relationship with the kids. As you move forward, try to focus on the quality of time you have instead of the amount. Some of the traditions you’ve had might also change, so try to find new traditions that have special meanings for you and the children.

The loss of companionship

When you were married, your spouse was a person you could count on to be there for you when things went wrong. You could count on them to enjoy experiences with you. You’re going to have to grow accustomed to the single life when your marriage ends, and you might have to do this without some of the friends and family members you were close to when you were married. It’s possible that some individuals might opt to turn away from you because of the end of the marriage.

While you do need to deal with those losses, now is the time to focus on starting your new life. The terms of the divorce can help you to do this so be sure that you consider the options according to how they might affect you now and into the future.