Labor Day DUI Enforcement Aims to Prevent Serious Accidents

Labor Day DUI Enforcement Aims to Prevent Serious Accidents

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Holidays are known for positive memories and relaxation, but they can also increase the risk of accidents — especially if individuals act irresponsibly. Colorado law enforcement often increases patrols during periods where people may be celebrating, in order to prevent a serious accident or accidents that could be caused by drunk driving. Once again, the Colorado State Patrol, Colorado Department of Transportation and local law enforcement will be increasing their enforcement from Aug. 21 to Sept. 8.

From January to July 2019, 28% of fatalities on the state’s roads were due to a DUI. In 2020, this percentage increased to 30% during the same period. This is particularly concerning as, during this same period, the number of vehicles on the road actually decreased. This concerning statistic, combined with data showing the DUI increase in summer months, has put law enforcement on high alert going into the Labor Day weekend.

Law enforcement will be joined by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). The organization will help them to increase public service messaging and conduct sobriety checkpoints. Last year, the increased patrols during this same period resulted in 899 DUI arrests across the state.

One of the public messages being released as part of this initiative is encouragement to purchase a personal Breathalyzer. Over 1,100 Colorado residents have already done so through the partnership between CDOT and BACtrack, which provides 50% off personal Breathalyzers. Despite these many efforts, messages and programs, many people in Colorado each year are the victims of a serious accident. Personal injury lawyers in the state are an important resource for those who are the victims of DUI collisions.