Local Priest Allegedly Investigated Over Allegations of Fraud

Local Priest Allegedly Investigated Over Allegations of Fraud

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When you are being investigated for fraud or may have some role in a fraudulent activity, then you should do everything you can to defend yourself. Fraud allegations are serious. They are often investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and may lead to felony charges. 

In Lakewood, an Aug. 27 report discussed the fact that a local priest has been implicated in a case of fraud. Interestingly, the parish priest at St. Rafka’s is being investigated for inappropriate conduct, but no specific charges or allegations have been made.

The diocese, when asked, stated that the allegations were reportedly not criminal and didn’t involve children. An attorney representing the man stated that there was a complaint that it could include fraud, but no one has spoken out to say specifically what the man is being investigated for.

The priest does run a nonprofit organization. The executive director of the man’s nonprofit organization, St. Rafka’s Mission of Hope and Mercy, has said that it could do with the mission or the church. The nonprofit stated that it distributes care packages to Christians living in Lebanon.

She believes that the priest has been targeted by the authorities because of being friendly with the current president and because of supporting a foreign policy agenda not supported by some people in the Maronite Catholic Church. The priest, at the moment, has been suspended by the Vatican in Rome.

This is a unique case and one that shows the downside to any investigation, even if the investigation turns out not to result in charges. When you’re placed under investigation, that investigation may have an impact on your job. You could be suspended or put on leave, so that you can’t do the work that you’re used to doing. On top of that, the media may get ahold of the story, which implicates you in a crime that you may not have committed.

Your attorney’s job is to minimize the impact of a situation like this. If you’re being investigated for fraud, it’s a good idea to learn more about your rights and to take steps to prevent further damage to your reputation.