Lack of Quality Time Might Spur Divorce

Lack of Quality Time Might Spur Divorce

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When two people choose to get divorced, they may find it difficult to believe that they have ended up in such a situation. However, divorce in Colorado generally does not happen overnight. In some situations, divorce happens simply because two spouses stopped spending quality time together.

For example, two spouses may begin their marriage with a yearly trip with just the two of them. However, over time — especially if they have children — they might quit going on vacations together. In fact, they might stop doing regular activities, like gardening or golfing, together. In other words, they quit socializing.

If two married individuals stop spending quality time together, they may stop appreciating the other party. This may cause them to feel as though they do not need each other, and in some situations, they may actually begin to dislike one another. Unfortunately, unresolved resentments and hurt feelings can cause the divide to widen, and reconnection may seem impossible. Therapy, however, may be able to help two distant spouses to start reconnecting if they desire to do this.

If two spouses cannot see themselves reconnecting, then it may be in their best interest to move on with their separate lives by filing for divorce. However, if they can find common ground when it comes to dividing their property, they may be able to resolve their divorce issues through negotiation. This means they can avoid further court intrusion. An attorney in Colorado can provide the direction that a divorcing individual needs to pursue a settlement that protects his or her rights and best interests in the long run.