Multiple Charges, Wrongful Death Claim Could Await DUI Suspect

Multiple Charges, Wrongful Death Claim Could Await DUI Suspect

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When someone is killed in a motor vehicle collision, in addition to facing criminal charges, the responsible driver can also face a civil wrongful death claim brought by the family of the victim.

A recent DUI crash in Arvada, Colorado left the passenger in the car dead and four others injured.

The arrest affidavit states that, on July 26, Arvada police saw an individual driving against traffic, going eastbound in the westbound lanes. Although the officer witnessed the car being operated dangerously, he was unable to stop the vehicle before it collided with another vehicle carrying two adults and two children.

The man driving the car was not hurt, but his passenger was killed. All four individuals in the other car were also injured. The driver now faces multiple charges, including DUI vehicular homicide, vehicular assault (three counts), and driving without a license. The driver also faces several counts of child abuse.

Those who were injured, and the family of the victim who passed away, will almost certainly face many obstacles trying to seek recovery for their losses. In cases such as this, it will be very difficult for them to heal while at the same time deal with the insurance companies. In situations like this, the victims should hire an attorney to file personal injury and wrongful death claims to get fair compensation.

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