Remember to Remain Calm when Divorcing a Narcissist

Remember to Remain Calm when Divorcing a Narcissist

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The desire to finalize a divorce quickly drives some people as they’re trying to legally end a marriage. One of the most effective ways to do this is to use mediation to come up with the terms of the split. Unfortunately, this isn’t appropriate for all divorces.

There are drawbacks for using mediation, including when one party is narcissistic. This makes it much more difficult to work through anything, so these cases will usually require going through a trial before the court.

A world of their own

Narcissists live in their own world that they are the center of. Everything they say and do revolves around what they feel is best for them. These selfish individuals aren’t able to think about what’s best for anyone else, so you’ll likely find that it’s close to impossible to work through, for example, child custody matters with a narcissist.

In their own world, they don’t live in the truth. They’ll often fabricate lies and misstatements to make you look bad while making themselves look good. This can be tough to battle against. One thing you can do is to keep clear records of everything related to the divorce. This may help you show the truth when you need to.

Antics all around

The narcissist commonly uses antics to get people to have intense reactions. This can be downright maddening. You have to try to keep yourself calm when dealing with your ex. You don’t need to give them the satisfaction of getting a rise out of you. It’s best to think logically about what needs to happen during the divorce so that you don’t get sidetracked by emotional reactions.

If you’re divorcing a narcissist, remember to work closely with your divorce attorney. This enables you to get insight about your options. Your lawyer can also provide a barrier between you and your ex so they don’t gain power from the reactions you have to their antics. The main goal that you must focus on is walking away from the divorce with what you’re due, so don’t let frustration at your ex push you into anything less.