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Mediation can be a helpful solution for troubled divorces

If you’re struggling with your divorce, one of the things that you may want to consider doing to make it easier is seeking out mediation support. Mediation is a good way to keep your conversations open and flowing, so that you don’t have a breakdown in communication.

Many people who work with mediators enjoy doing so, because having that third party present cuts down on the likelihood of fighting or the chances of a disagreement getting out of hand. A mediator sets a number of rules for the meeting, and those rules must be abided by. That way, the topics that need to be discussed can be, and there are limits in place to prevent fighting or rude behavior.

How do you get a mediator for your divorce?

If you are interested in working with a mediator, you may be able to do so by hiring one through your attorney. Some attorneys work as arbitrators or mediators independently.

In those cases, the way it may work is that you would have one attorney and your spouse would have another. Then, you’d both hire a third one to serve as a mediator. Both of your own attorneys could choose to attend the sessions with you. If you come up with solutions to problems you’re working on, then your attorneys would be there to draw up the paperwork right away.

Keep in mind that mediation is generally not binding. That means that any agreement you come up with won’t be legally binding until you take steps to make it so by sending it to the court for approval. On the other hand, if you go through arbitration, which is a slightly more formal process, then you would likely have a binding outcome decided by an arbitrator.

Worrying about your divorce disputes? There are solutions.

Don’t worry if you’re finding it difficult to resolve conflicts during your divorce negotiations. While it’s nice when everything goes smoothly, there are options, like mediation, arbitration, collaborative law and others, that can help you resolve any disputes that you’re dealing with and move forward toward your divorce’s finalization.


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