Serious Accident Injures Woman, Children in Colorado

Serious Accident Injures Woman, Children in Colorado

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A head-on collision is one of the most dangerous types of car accidents. These incidents often result in severe injuries to those involved, and it is not uncommon for the victims to have been hit by a drunk or distracted driver. Unfortunately, such a serious accident recently took place in Colorado, and distraction is being considered a factor. 

Reports indicated that the initial crash involved an SUV and a half-ton pickup truck. It was unclear which driver may have caused the collision, but after the initial crash, another three vehicles became involved in the accident. The SUV was carrying a woman, a 9-year-old child, a 6-year-old child and an infant. It was not mentioned how many other individuals were in the other vehicles.

After the crash, five people were taken from the scene to be treated for injuries. The woman and the two older children in the SUV were the most severely injured and were transported by medical helicopter to the hospital. The infant in the vehicle did not suffer any injuries. The woman and one of the children suffered serious to life-threatening injuries, and the other child was in serious but stable condition. Authorities were still investigating at the time of the report, but distraction was suspected as a possible causal factor.

When a serious accident occurs, the victims’ and their families’ lives can be turned upside down. Severe injuries can take weeks, if not months, to recover from, and during that time, medical bills can quickly accumulate as well as other financial hardships, like lost wages. Colorado residents who suffer serious harm in car accidents caused by distracted or drunk drivers may have reason to pursue compensation for their monetary losses and other permitted damages resulting from the unfortunate incident.