You deserve compensation if you’re hit by a drunk driver

You deserve compensation if you’re hit by a drunk driver

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Drunk driving crashes don’t have to happen, and yet many of them do occur each day. Unfortunately, these crashes often lead to personal injuries, disabilities and death.

Victims of serious car crashes caused by drunk drivers deserve the opportunity to seek support for what they’re going through. They should have every right to pursue a financial claim, or personal injury claim, against the driver who harmed them. The driver should be held liable, since it was their actions that led to the other person’s suffering.

It’s not always just a drunk driver who can be held liable for your injuries after a crash, though. Did you know that some other people could also be liable? Those individuals may include:

  • The owners of bars or night clubs, restaurants or liquor stores who gave alcohol to someone who was visibly intoxicated or who was under the legal drinking age
  • Social hosts who provided alcohol to a minor who later caused a crash

It’s important to know that drunk driving is illegal and has no place on the roads in the United States. Those who do decide to drink and drive should be held liable to the full extent of the law.

Your case doesn’t necessarily have to involve criminal charges for you to pursue compensation, either. The criminal and civil courts run separately, so even if no criminal charges are brought against the drunk driver, you can still pursue a claim if their actions led to you getting hurt. For example, if they are able to get a DUI charge against them dropped, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a right to pursue a claim for the crash that they caused.

Of course, if they are found guilty of drunk driving, then that could help your case. In that instance, you’d have more proof of their actions and have more leverage while your attorney fights for fair compensation for you.

The right support during this difficult time in your life can help. Your attorney will talk to you more about how to pursue a claim and what you can expect as you do.