Serious pileup crashes make Interstate 25 a dangerous place

Serious pileup crashes make Interstate 25 a dangerous place

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Multi-vehicle crashes are some of the worst auto tragedies, because there are numerous impacts that occur. One victim could be hit several times, which means that it’s more likely that they’ll have severe injuries.

A multi-vehicle crash that happened on southbound Interstate 25 at 84th street is a good example of how a multi-vehicle crash can cause significant problems for the victims, traffic and law enforcement.

According to the report from Dec. 8, up to five vehicles were involved in a crash at around 6:15 a.m. during the morning commute. That crash shut down traffic to one lane for approximately an hour.

That’s not the first crash on the highway to happen. Just two weeks previously, a northbound crash involving three vehicles caused the highway traffic to slow to a crawl. In that crash, several people were seriously injured. That pileup happened at around 6:45 a.m.

What makes driving on the highway so dangerous in the morning?

One of the things that makes it dangerous to drive in the mornings is that the highways are full of people trying to get to work. Many take local exits to head to University Boulevard or other areas of the city, where they may be expected to work or take their kids to school.

How can you avoid a crash in the morning rush?

In many collisions, the cause comes down to distractions and driver error. If a driver pays attention to the road and obeys the traffic laws, then their chances of being involved in a collision significantly reduces. However, drivers who text, make calls, are distracted by people inside their vehicle or who are tailgating and speeding are more likely to get into or cause a crash.

When two vehicles crash on a highway, there is also a chance that other vehicles could easily get caught up in the debris. A vehicle that loses control in the center lane could hit vehicles beside them or behind them, for example. Those drivers may try to regain control but end up hitting others.

It’s important to seek medical care if you’re involved in a serious pileup. After you do, you can consider seeking compensation for what you’ve been through.