Tips may help to make co-parenting process easier during holidays

Tips may help to make co-parenting process easier during holidays

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Getting divorced is never an easy process in Colorado. This is particularly true for individuals who have young children, and it is especially the case during the holidays. Fortunately, a couple of tips may help parents who have gone through divorce to make the co-parenting process work for them this holiday season.

First, it may be helpful for divorced parents to create brand-new holiday traditions with their children. For instance, perhaps a parent will not be able to spend Thanksgiving with the children one year because it is the other parent’s turn to spend time with them. In this situation, the parent who will not see them on Thanksgiving Day could still celebrate the holiday with the children on a separate day. In this way, they can still build positive memories around the holiday.

Second, it is wise for divorced parents to remain flexible when it comes to how they will handle time with the children on various holidays. One parent’s schedule may change at the last minute, thus putting a wrench in already-established plans. It is generally a good idea for the other parent in this situation to be as accommodating as possible. This will lead to a more amicable and less stressful co-parenting relationship. 

The best scenario during the divorce process is for the two parties to come to an agreement on how they will handle child custody and visitation, including during the holidays. In this way, they can avoid further court intrusion. Of course, these matters are not possible to solve outside of court sometimes, in which case, a judge will have to decide them. In either scenario, an attorney in Colorado can help a divorcing individual pursue an outcome that is ultimately in his or her best interests as well as the best interests of the children.