Certain moves can make divorce a more positive experience

Certain moves can make divorce a more positive experience

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The process of marital dissolution can no doubt take a mental toll on those going through it. However, divorcing individuals in Colorado can take steps to protect their and their families’ mental well-being during this life-altering process. Here are a couple of important moves for making a divorce proceeding as positive of an experience as possible.

First, it is important that divorcing individuals avoid allowing the marital breakup process to be all consuming. They may naturally be preoccupied with figuring out how to split assets and debt or how to handle parenting time. However, it is critical that their preoccupation with these divorce matters does not negate room in their lives for other important things, like sleep, exercising and spending quality time with loved ones.

Second, it is critical that people who are going through divorce avoid viewing these proceedings as zero-sum games. In other words, they ideally should not view getting child custody or not getting the family home as a win or a loss, respectively. Instead, they should focus on pursuing the most important things to them, then make concessions on those things that matter less to them. This will help to minimize conflict and stress during the divorce proceeding.

As a general rule of thumb, it is best for divorcing individuals to try to create a settlement agreement that addresses matters such as property division and child custody, as this will allow them to avoid further court intrusion. Of course, if this is not possible, a judge will have to step in to make these decisions for them. In either scenario, a divorce attorney in Colorado will push for a personally favorable outcome for his or her client, keeping his or her rights at the forefront of the proceedings.