Colorado man killed, driver charged with DUI in serious accident

Colorado man killed, driver charged with DUI in serious accident

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Whether in Colorado or elsewhere, all drivers should understand they are responsible for the safety of not only themselves, but also their passengers and anyone else they encounter on their route. Drivers who follow safety measures both before and during their time behind the wheel help to reduce the chance of their vehicle becoming involved in a serious accident. Such measures include avoiding alcohol and drugs before driving, maintaining a safe vehicle, following traffic rules and avoiding distractions while driving. Unfortunately, those who fail to take any of these precautions seriously often end up causing a tragedy.

In a recent example, a man was killed on a Colorado highway in Teller County while his vehicle was at a standstill at the side of the road. The crash happened late on a Sunday afternoon. According to the Colorado State Patrol, the victim’s vehicle was stopped on the right shoulder of the highway when a westbound vehicle collided with it.

Sadly, the driver of the car that was hit, a 78-year-old man, was pronounced dead at the crash scene. Reportedly, a passenger in that vehicle, as well as the driver of the other vehicle, emerged from the crash uninjured. Police are investigating the incident. They have said the driver of the vehicle that seems to have caused the crash has been arrested on DUI charges.

Likely, many Colorado residents have some difficulty processing a tragedy of this sort, as it seems to be a direct result of one person’s choice to put themselves and others in a potentially dangerous situation. The driver responsible now faces serious charges, but more importantly, a man has lost his life, seemingly simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many Colorado families who have lost a loved one due to a serious accident like this find themselves facing not only grief but also unexpected expenses, such as funeral costs, medical expenses and reduced family income. An experienced personal injury attorney can help victims and their families understand available options that could provide them some comfort as well as monetary recompense.