Divorce process can pose emotional challenges for children

Published By | Feb 19, 2021 | Divorce |

Recent research shows that when divorcing parents fight, this can increase their children’s feelings of anxiety and stress. The reason for this is that children who witness extensive parental conflict generally fear that their parents will ultimately abandon them. Unfortunately, these children have a greater likelihood of suffering mental health issues long term as a result.

The recent research further shows that parental conflict can take a toll on children involved in divorce even if the parents have seemingly strong relationships with the children. This is because parents are instrumental in managing their children’s stress. However, when children experience persistent arguing, this can actually elevate their stress levels, thus essentially canceling out the benefits that come with being close to their parents.

One of the best ways for divorcing parents to mitigate stress and anxiety for their children is to try to resolve their divorce matters outside of court. For instance, they can work to create a mutually satisfactory parenting agreement through mediation or informal negotiations, which is often less acrimonious than going to divorce trial. An attorney in Colorado can provide the guidance needed to navigate an out-of-court divorce proceeding with confidence, keeping both the client’s and the children’s best interests at the center of the proceeding.