Divorcing parents of toddlers can help them to navigate divorce

Divorcing parents of toddlers can help them to navigate divorce

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Navigating the process of getting divorced can understandably be challenging for both adults involved. However, divorce can also take a toll on children, particularly toddlers. Fortunately, divorcing parents in Colorado can take a couple of steps to keep their children as emotionally safe as possible during this life-altering event.

First, parents of toddlers should ideally try to keep their children’s routines intact during the divorce process. As a general rule of thumb, toddlers do well with routines involving school schedules, family visits and play groups, for example. Thus, keeping their routines intact is critical for helping them to feel secure at a time when other aspects of their lives will inevitably change.

Second, it is important for divorcing parents to protect their toddlers from conflict during the divorce proceeding, as conflict can be a major source of stress for young children. When toddlers see their parents fight, this can be confusing and scary for them. Instead, parents may want to reserve any potentially heated discussions for those times when their children are not in their presence.

Finally, it would behoove parents who are going through divorce to work on developing a mutually satisfactory parenting agreement outside of court, rather than going to divorce trial. Through negotiations, they can decide how best to handle matters such as child custody and visitation without the stress of divorce litigation. An attorney in Colorado can provide the direction needed to create an agreement that will reflect both his or her client’s best interests and the best interests of the children.